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poultry and other Birds


Camrosa is a very useful multi-purpose ointment to have in stock for your chicken and duck care, as it promotes the natural healing process and has also proven effective for:

  • Damaged skin:
    In particular damage on ducks from other ducks pecking.
  • Minor injuries
  • Scars and flaky skin:
    On exotic birds & birds of prey especially Harris Hawks.
  • Cracked, damaged beaks and claws:
    The ointment helps healthy horn growth.
  Two geese and a gosling that have benefited from Camrosa for minor wounds
Some of the ducks and geese at Ladymeads Farm that have benefited from Camrosa Ointment for minor wounds.


Camrosa Ointment has also been used successfully on the following birds:

A Harris hawk and a macaw - Camrosa has been beneficial on these breeds of birds for sores on the legs and feet, damaged leg scales caused by leg mites and for healthy horn growth
Camrosa has been beneficial on: Harris hawks for pressure sores and lesions on the legs and damage on the wing and back. Macaws and other parrots for skin disorders, leg mites, sores on the legs, flaky beaks and sore feet.
  • Golden Pheasants
  • Harris Hawks
  • Love Birds
  • Magpies
  • Ostriches
  • Parrots
  • Peacocks
  • Racing Pigeons
  • Starlings

As Camrosa Ointment can be used on a wide range of animals you will also find it useful if you have other pets, such as rabbits, dogs, cats or more exotic animals.

Information by animal