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Dog Boots


Dog Boots

Camrosa Ointment can be used in conjunction with boots, which come in varying sizes for your dog. Sore paws and damaged sore pads can benefit from these protective dog boots, which enable you to exercise your dog as usual as well as preventing unnecessary ointment loss from the paw, and saving carpets from ointment if your dog is in the house.

The boots are sold in pairs.


To find out what size boots your dog needs: stand the dog on a piece of paper. Draw a line around the paw on to the paper, making sure you keep the line right at the edge of the paw. Then measure the widest point of the drawing. Do this for each paw that requires a boot.

ALL EU CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: Due to VAT changes resulting from Brexit for sales to EU countries, we have stopped all direct sales to EU of under the value of Euro150, both on this site & by phone/email. Please instead buy through our shops on Ebay or Etsy where the VAT will be taken care of in checkout and they then handle the payment of this vat.  So it should be a smoother, easier and quicker pricess through customs via Ebay or Etsy. This does not rule out the possibility of other fees in customs. It is still a very new system and we will update information here regularly as the process becomes clearer. For further information link here. 

BULK ORDERS: We suggest you split your orders up to keep the order under E150 and still go via Ebay or Etsy for the same reason as  above- they will then manage the vat making it quicker and easier through customs. 

However you can contact us if you are wanting to buy products from EU totalling over Euro150  for quantity discounts AND order direct by: 

Phone: (+44 (0) 1892 783240


However if buying direct like this the default process is: Delivered Duties Unpaid (DDU): where the buyer is liable for any customs fees and postal partners will contact you to collect the import VAT (and possible customs/ duty/handling fees) from you prior to delivery. We do not know how much these fees will be in each country or how this may delay your delivery.

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