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Gentle Control Headcollar


Gentle Control Headcollar

Our headcollar is made of natural, soft, 100% cotton webbing which is machine washable. It includes its own non-detachable lead line, which means you no longer have to hunt for that missing rope!

One size fits all

It is lightweight, fits any horse, even over a bridle, and easily folds up to fit in a pocket. Due to its design, it is easily adjustable - the nose band can be lowered and will tighten under tension for greater control of strong-willed animals.

The lead line is extra long, which is of great benefit to safety. If the horse rears or plunges the handler can be clear for safety but able to bring the horse back under control as if on the lunge. The extra line length also allows hind quarter handling, such as altering back straps on rugs whilst still having good control of the head.

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