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Camrosa Ointment is used with great success on hooves. Horse hoof problems such as dry, brittle and cracked hooves are common especially in dry weather.

Camrosa Ointment was applied daily. This helped to maintain the natural moisture in the hoof, which avoided further cracking, as the hoof was no longer dry and brittle. The ointment was also massaged into the coronet band, encouraging healthy horn growth as seen in the photo on the right.

The ointment is also beneficial if used regularly to maintain good hoof condition.

A dry, brittle, cracked hoof on a horse The same hoof after 7 weeks of Camrosa - the hoof is no longer dry or cracked as the ointment promotes healthy horn growth and maintains good hoof condition.
Dry, flaky coronet and cracked, brittle hoof After 7 weeks of Camrosa


"After 7 weeks of application to all horn structures and covering the coronet, increased flexibility to feet, surface cracks and flaky periople have cleared up. All natural properties of feet restored."
B. Stern Dip. W.C.F., Kent. (Farrier)

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