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The hind leg of a horse with severely granulated scar tissue, which can occur following wounds in horses The same horse’s hind leg with significantly reduced scar tissue after Camrosa Ointment was used for many months
Severely granulated tissue After many months of Camrosa











This eventer (photos above) had a severely injured leg with heavy build up of rough, hard, dry skin and scar tissue. Leg flexion was both uncomfortable and limited due to massive granulation. The prognosis was very bleak. However, months of Camrosa Ointment application softened and lifted layer upon layer of hard, callused, granulated tissue. Daily ointment application then maintained a soft, supple skin allowing free movement. This horse returned to eventing, but continued daily use of ointment was necessary to maintain optimum skin condition, avoid dry skin and inhibit build up of proud flesh.


"My horse had dreadful proud flesh all round his fetlock following a severe injury. Following the use of Camrosa Ointment the proud flesh reduced and with continued daily application and massage, the skin became soft, supple and in great condition and he was then sound and back eventing. To see it beforehand you would not have thought this was possible!" P. Bowdery, East Sussex. 

A picture of a horse with rosette
Bo with rosette

"We did not have the proud flesh cut away or have copper sulphate put on it - we have just used Camrosa and the leg has healed beautifully. We have been able to show 'Bo' in recent weeks, and last weekend she won her class and was Reserve Youngstock Champion. This would not have been possible with … proud flesh on her leg!!"
S. Williamson, Cornwall. See photo on left

Information by animal