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Does your donkey have itchy, dry skin, hair loss or minor wounds?

Camrosa is a multi-purpose ointment.

It is an effective water repellent barrier against flies, midge bites, wet, mud, mites and against some of the effects of pollution and the sun, all of which can affect donkey's skin. Problems, such as midge bites, can lead to itchy, dry skin resulting in scratching and hair loss on donkeys.

Camrosa ointment promotes the natural healing process of cracks, sores, callused skin, fixed scabs, superficial wounds on donkeys and soothes itchy, irritated, dry skin keeping the skin supple.

Where your donkey has hair loss, all this helps to promote good skin condition, which is necessary for healthy hair regrowth.

The ointment has also been used with great success on dry, brittle, cracked hooves and maintains good hoof condition and healthy horn growth.

Camrosa Ointment is economical to use and long lasting in all weathers. It does not melt in heat or wash off in rain.

Information by animal