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Do your animals have dry, itchy skin or minor wounds?

A camel with a halter. Camels have benefited from Camrosa for dry, itchy skin.
Camels have benefited from Camrosa for dry, itchy skin.

Camrosa is a multi-purpose ointment:

It has been used on a wide variety of animals with great success. No matter the size of the animal, the ointment is beneficial in stopping itching, promoting the natural healing process and maintaining healthy skin.

Camrosa Ointment is an effective water repellent barrier against flies, midge bites, wet, mud, mites and against some of the effects of pollution and the sun.

It promotes the natural healing process of cracks, sores, callused skin, fixed scabs, superficial wounds and soothes itchy, irritated, dry skin, keeping the skin supple. Good skin condition is necessary for healthy hair regrowth.

The ointment also maintains good hoof condition and promotes healthy horn growth.

Camrosa Ointment is economical to use and long lasting in all weathers. It does not melt in heat or wash off in rain.

We provide links on some of the cases listed below so that you can see how effective Camrosa is on other animals for this purpose. Please also look at other animal sections on the site as you may find your animal has a similar problem even if it is a different species, and Camrosa Ointment may be beneficial.

Camrosa has been used successfully on:

Camels: dry itchy skin.

Some Koi Carp fish, who can suffer from parasites and scale damage which Camrosa has been used for
Camrosa has been used on Koi Carp against parasites and scale damage.

Chinchillas: dry itchy skin.

Deer: as a barrier to midges.

Fish: Camrosa Ointment has been used on some Koi Carp for problems such as:

  • scale damage
  • a water repellent barrier against poor water quality
  • against parasites on fish

More research is needed though on the use of our ointment on fish.

Foxes: dry itchy skin and open sores.

Hedgehogs for minor wounds.
"... little hedgehog came to us on 12th August 2007 with very serious damage to the crown of her head. My wife Anne tried several methods to help heal the wound but ended up using your Camrosa Ointment. We have used it before on hedgehogs with great success and … it’s been successful again." G. Mayfield, Shiremoor Hedgehog Hospital, Tyne & Wear.

Lizards: on a wound caused by another lizard biting off the tail!

Rhino: damaged skin.

Tortoises: Camrosa has been used on tortoises for:

Alba (a wolf at the wolf centre) scratching, probably due to mites, before Camrosa Ointment was applied.
Alba scratching, probably due to mites.

Wolf: Camrosa Ointment was used on Alba (at the U.K. Wolf Centre, Berkshire) to sooth his itching, probably due to mites. Here he can be seen biting himself before the ointment was applied. See photo on right.

Camrosa clears the mites, soothes the irritation, stops the itching and promotes the natural healing process of the skin.

Information by animal