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Health & Management

We believe that a holistic approach is fundamental to good management of all animals.

The first step is to spend time identifying the cause of the problem. We believe that initially thinking through and correctly identifying the cause of the problem is vital, taking into consideration various factors such as the history of the animal up to and after the first sign of the problem, prior medication, geographical location, whether the animal is exposed to pollutants and the animal’s lifestyle and management. Where possible then remove the cause of the problem, or protect your animal from the cause.

Avoid using more than one product at a time to prevent a cocktail of products accumulating on your animal’s already sensitive and traumatized skin, which could lead to secondary problems.

Good management is also important:

  • If your animal is contented and happy he/she will have a stronger natural immunity.
  • A regular routine is comforting for all animals and will reduce stress.
  • Horses are happiest out at grass as much as possible and with company, preferably of their own kind.
  • For horses, being stabled for long periods of time can be depressing and boring, causing stress, which can lower immunity.
  • Your animal needs a well balanced diet with good quality food.

All animals need regular exercise and most need company - medical evidence has shown that exercise promotes a happier outlook on life, thereby improving immunity levels.

Allow time to heal - the importance of time as part of the healing process is often overlooked - be patient.

If you can address all these areas you will achieve the best results possible from the use of Camrosa Ointment.

Information by animal