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Alpacas & Llamas


This alpaca had dry, crusty, hairless ears. Hair loss in alpacas and llamas can be caused by mites. Camrosa was massaged into the ears daily. It lifted the dry crusty debris, kept the skin soft and supple and this encouraged the hair to regrow as can be seen in the second photograph.

A black alpaca with dry, crusty, hairless ears, probably due to mites. The same alpaca, after Camrosa, with soft supple skin and hair growing back on the ears, showing Camrosa to be a useful ointment to have in stock for your alpaca care
Dry, crusty, hairless ears After 28 days of Camrosa


"We have been using Camrosa Ointment on our alpacas for over 4 years with great success and highly recommend it for skin problems." G. & B. Reed, Lightfoot Alpacas, Kent.

"Over the past 5 years I have used Camrosa Ointment on some skin problems on my alpaca herd. I have found it particularly useful on the more delicate areas such as around the eyes." S. Burnell, Stagshaw Alpacas, Northumberland.

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