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Mites in your dog's ear can cause great damage and discomfort. Dogs may scratch their ears, which may also have an unpleasant discharge.

In the case below the ear became so swollen and congested that the ear canal had closed up. There was also smelly discharge, bleeding and pain.

After 1 week of Camrosa Ointment being gently massaged into the whole pinna (the visible part of the outer ear) the mites were cleared and the ear canal began to open. There was no further discharge or smell and the ointment softened and lifted all scabbing. The dog made a full recovery.


"Our 8 year old Alsatian … was in a very bad state with skin very raw and smelly, constantly biting and scratching herself. She also had severe ear mite problems. …we tried many treatments but with no success but after the first application of Camrosa Ointment Pearly was immediately soothed and the irritation and scratching stopped and she was much more relaxed and happy. Hair soon regrew and her coat looked shiny and healthy. The most severely damaged skin on her back needed a little longer to totally recover. Without question Camrosa Ointment saved Pearly's life." F. Fisher, West Sussex.
‚ÄčSee photos below.

A German Shepherd with severe ear mite damage - a smelly discharge and swelling The same German Shepherd, after Camrosa cleared the ear mites and promoted the natural healing process, the ear was no longer swollen and had no discharge
Severe ear mite damage After 7 days of Camrosa application
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