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The ointment is a barrier against flies and dirt on wounds. So with Camrosa Ointment your donkey can be turned out to grass. The ointment also promotes the natural healing process, easing scabs, minimising scarring and enabling hair regrowth.

Fred, a white donkey in India with wounds on the chest, front leg and ribs, which would not heal Fred, after 1 month of Camrosa, with the wounds virtually healed, much hair regrown and no proud flesh
Fred, before Camrosa After 1 month of Camrosa

Fred, the donkey in the photographs was admitted to an animal shelter in India to be cared for in July 2006. He had a number of wounds that had been covered with engine oil.

Despite being thoroughly cleaned and the use of locally manufactured creams, the wounds did not improve, as can be seen in the first photograph.

Camrosa was then applied as a barrier against flies and dirt. 1 month later the wounds were virtually healed with no signs of proud flesh, as can be seen in the second photograph.


"Camrosa is amazing. has been excellent in helping wounds to heal without any signs of proud flesh. Furthermore, we found Camrosa to be most successful as a fly deterrent." B. Harrison, India. See photos above

Information by animal