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A black pig with dry skin and bristle loss across her back, caused by mites. Camrosa clears the mites that cause this pig skin problem.
Berkshire sow with severe mite damage
The same black pig with healthy skin and hair regrowth where the ointment was applied on the top of the pig’s back, but on the sides, legs and underneath the pig there is new hair loss and dry skin as the ointment was not initially applied with an encircling band - so the mites migrated causing damage elsewhere.
After Camrosa was applied without an encircling band
The same black pig after correct full application of the ointment with full shiny healthy coat of bristles and healthy skin all over, proving how effective the ointment is for pig skin problems such as these.
After correct full application

Camrosa's own Berkshire sow had a severe mite problem causing constant irritation and rubbing resulting in dry, elephantine, scaly skin - see photograph at the top.

The middle photograph demonstrates our director's failure to follow her own instructions correctly! Camrosa Ointment was applied on the obviously affected area but she failed to also apply it in a wide band encircling this area. This is essential as mites work outwards into new sites. As a result the mites on the periphery were able to migrate away to a fresh area, resulting in recovery and bristle regrowth at the original site, but bristle loss and discomfort in the new area.

As you can see from the photograph at the bottom, once the instructions had been followed properly, the mites were cleared and the sow had a glossy coat all over.


"I have used Camrosa very successfully on both cattle and pigs.We rescued a litter of piglets. Needless to say they developed cracks and sores on the legs ... after the success with Camrosa on the cattle we thought that we would try it on the pigs. Their legs were dressed daily with Camrosa until all the lesions healed and the swelling had gone. The skin resumed its normal healthy pink colour. The pigs became tame too!" Anonymous.

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