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The older breeds, such as Berkshires, have darker skin and so have an in-built protection from sunburn. On pigs sunburn can cause problems such as scabs, cracks and sores. The ointment softens the skin and eases off the scabs, making the pig more comfortable and promotes the natural healing process.

As it is water repellent the ointment remains on the skin, so your pig can still enjoy a good wallow in the mud or a cooling shower in high summer.

Superficial wounds and sores

The ointment is a barrier against flies and dirt and promotes the natural healing process.

Fly bites:

Camrosa Ointment promotes the natural healing process where fly damage has occurred.

Some foot problems:

The ointment maintains good hoof condition and healthy horn growth.

Circular skin lesions:

These cause circles of dry skin and hair loss in pigs. These areas may also become crusty. Camrosa Ointment lifts away the crusty, callused dry skin, promoting the natural healing process, resulting in healthy skin and hair regrowth.

As Camrosa Ointment can be used on a wide range of animals you will find it useful if you have pets, such as rabbitsdogs, cats or more exotic animals.

Information by animal