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Poultry and other Birds


Poultry and other birds often suffer from leg mites. Camrosa Ointment applied to the legs and feet, clears mites and promotes the natural healing process allowing damaged leg scales to make a full recovery.

Maintaining the perches with a good covering of Camrosa Ointment also destroys the breeding and movement of mites, thus avoiding further transfer to the bird.

A hen with raised, damaged leg scales due to leg mites The same hen after Camrosa Ointment had cleared the leg mites and the damaged leg scales are fully recovered
Leg mite damage - raised scales and sore leg After 14 days of Camrosa


"Cleared it up a treat. Only thing that works... don't know what I'd do without it. I use it on my chicken too." A. Denton, Aberdeenshire.

"We have used Camrosa Ointment on our chickens for years and have always found it very successful on leg mites." J. Williams, Kent.

"Amazing (on leg mites)." S. Stevens, Gloucestershire.

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