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Mites on dogs can cause itchy skin. Your dog may constantly scratch, nibble, or lick itself and may roll and rub against objects for relief, dragging the belly on the ground and may show some or all of the following:

  • Scurfy, scaly skin
  • Dry skin
  • Hot reddened patches
  • Hair loss
  • Broken skin
  • Sores, weeping sores and areas of raw skin
  • Crusty and scabby skin
  • Sore paws and pads
  • Pigmentation of the skin
  • Dark flecks on skin or in hair

Other causes may be: fleas, lice, dust mites, house mites, midge bites or a sensitivity to grass, pollens, pollutants or manmade fibres.

A black Labrador with sore, weeping, itchy skin and hair loss. Mites on dogs commonly cause this dog skin problem The same black Labrador after Camrosa, with soft supple skin and a healthy shiny coat
Distressing results of mites-itching, open sores and hair loss After 8 weeks using Camrosa

This dog was possibly going to be put down due to her extreme distress. She was in a very bad state with skin that was very raw and smelly, constantly biting and scratching herself.

Camrosa Ointment cleared the mites, soothed the irritation; the scratching stopped and the ointment helped to promote the natural healing process of the skin. The after photograph above right, was taken after about 8 weeks of ointment application. The dog was relaxed and happy, with a soft and supple skin and healthy, shiny coat.


A Labrador rolling over to show her sore, hairless tummy, due to a grass allergy, another dog skin problem Camrosa has been used for The same Labrador, after Camrosa with a healthy shiny coat
Sore skin and hair loss due to a grass allergy After Camrosa

"Two years ago my Labrador bitch was diagnosed with grass allergy. It caused her to lose all the hair on the backs of her legs, chest and tummy. I tried numerous creams and potions, all to no avail. In October last year I purchased the Camrosa starter pack. By Christmas the hair had grown back on her legs and she had stopped scratching; her skin was looking healthy again with considerable regrowth on her chest and tummy." D. Whitehead, Perthshire. See photos above.

A Pit Bull Terrier with sores and hair loss caused by itching due to mites. Mites on dogs often cause this dog skin problem.
Before Camrosa After 28 days of Camrosa

"Camrosa is a life saver. It literally saved the life of our Pit Bull Terrier. The product works like magic. It was very easy to use and well worth the cost. I found the website on line in a desperate search for help. The complete staff was very helpful in making sure that my pet recovered safely and efficiently. We are so fortunate to have found this wonderful product. Thank you so much for Camrosa."
E. Gilchrist, Florida. See photos on left.

"Our Labrador bitch Lucy … has been suffering for the last 2 years ... with terrible irritation to her hind legs ... and belly. She was biting and scratching herself until she bled. As you can imagine we have tried everything, then my sister-in-law saw this product advertised and sent some to us and the rest is history ... nothing has eased her so quickly and effectively as this. ... the main thing is our dog is comfortable and not irritated all the time." J. Patchott, Hartlepool.

Information by animal