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We provide links on some of the uses listed below so that you can see how effective Camrosa is on other animals for this purpose. We believe that it should prove just as effective on dogs.

Camrosa is a very useful multi-purpose ointment to have in stock for your dog's skin. Problems in dog care that it has also proven effective for include:

Lick Sores:

A sore, hairless patch on the leg of a black working Labrador, caused by constantly licking and nibbling at the same spot. A typical dog skin problem The same Labrador’s leg showing full hair regrowth after Camrosa promoted the natural healing process
Before Camrosa After Camrosa  

"Lewis's problem was initially caused by mites and was exacerbated by his straying into polluted, boggy ground following which he developed a sore patch on a front leg that he constantly licked and nibbled until the hair came out. Camrosa Ointment was applied 3 times a day and massaged well in - it stopped the itch immediately. The sore produced a crust that came off and hair then regrew. Ointment was applied until all the hair had fully regrown. I now keep Camrosa in my first aid kit as it is essential that all of my dogs are kept in top condition." J. Steward, East Sussex. See photos.

Superficial wounds and scabs:

The ointment is a barrier against flies and dirt and promotes the natural healing process.

Callused skin on elbows:

The ointment softens callused skin on dogs and promotes the natural healing process of the skin, all of which is necessary for healthy hair regrowth.

Dry cracked nose problems:

This can be very uncomfortable for your dog. Dry cracked nose skin can be softened and eased by using the ointment, which promotes the natural healing process.

Sore paw problems:

Dogs' paws can have a hard life. Camrosa Ointment has been used on sore paws and pads in domestic and working dogs. The ointment has also been successfully used as a barrier (on the pads) against the effects of acid soil, hard, frosted and polluted ground.

Fleshy growths on dogs:

The ointment is a barrier against flies and dirt on growths and promotes the natural healing process.

Bramble scratches on ears and tail:

The ointment has also been used on the ears and tail, especially on working dogs, to help minimise bramble scratches.

Circular skin lesions:

These cause circles of hair loss and dry skin on dogs. These areas may also become crusty. Camrosa Ointment lifts away the crusty, callused dry skin, promoting the natural healing process, resulting in healthy skin and hair regrowth.

As Camrosa Ointment can be used on a wide range of animals you will find it useful if you have other small animals or pets, such as rabbits, cats, chickens or more exotic animals.
Information by animal