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Camrosa Ointment provides a water repellent barrier to wet, mud and some pollutants for your horse. Dry skin is softened and the ointment promotes the natural healing process of cracks, sores and fixed scabbing.

A pony’s leg showing sores and scabs, which were caused by the wet and mud - a horse skin problem that can occur during a wet winter The same pony’s leg after 30 hours of Camrosa showing the scabs have lifted as the ointment promoted the natural healing process.
Sore and scabs from the wet and mud After 30 hours of Camrosa application scabs have lifted

In the case above, sores and scabs resulted from the mud and wet. The ointment was applied twice daily resulting in soothing the irritation, removing discomfort and promoting the natural healing process, softening and lifting all scabbing within 30 hours, which then enabled hair regrowth.

A chestnut horse’s leg with hard, dry fixed scabbing due to an incorrectly applied The same leg after 1 week of Camrosa application showing the scabs have lifted leaving healed and supple skin
Hard, dry fixed scabs After 1 week of Camrosa

The scabs in the case above resulted from an incorrectly applied 'ice cooling' treatment to this horse. The scabs had been fixed, hard and dry for 3 weeks causing considerable discomfort. After a week of Camrosa Ointment application (twice daily) all the scabs had softened and lifted leaving healed and supple skin. Healthy skin condition then enables hair regrowth. The horse was then willing to have his legs handled again.


"I am particularly impressed with your product; after 24 hours the scabs were starting to soften and I believe he was not as sore. Within 3 weeks the skin has completely healed and most of the hair regrown. I am continuing to use the ointment as a barrier as it is the most effective mud barrier I have come across (and I have tried many!). But the best thing about Camrosa is the ease of use and the time it saves me. What a fantastic product!"  M. Hill, Lancashire.

"My Arab mare had sore, cracked heels due to the inclement weather conditions. I used Camrosa Ointment as directed and within 2 weeks the sores and scabs had disappeared leaving healthy skin and the start of new hair growth." J. Tompkins, Lincolnshire.

Ms. L. Sumpner competing in a long distance ride on her chestnut horse who benefited from Camrosa for cracked heels"It is 7 years since we started with the problem of cracked heels. Through the season, March to October, I have never been able to clear the problem up. Usually the day after a ride the heels are cracked and scab up. I think it is due to all the grit and dirt, and all the washing down that is done after the ride. Everyone who knows me and my horse knows that I have tried just about every imaginable product under the sun with no success, until I came across Camrosa. I started using it in early July and by the end of the month we did a 40-mile ride at Market Rasen, Lincolnshire and came 3rd and also won the best condition, so I was delighted. After the ride I washed the heels down with clean water and allowed the skin to dry, as I normally do, and then applied Camrosa. The next morning I hardly dared look at her heels, thinking they would be split open and swollen .... but nothing, no inflammation, soreness or cracking. Nothing would have prevented this before I started using Camrosa." L. Sumpner, Lincolnshire. Photo on right. 

"The best thing I have found to cure 'cracked heels'. It took just three days for the scabs to come off and now all gone amazing product." E. Mear, Cambridgeshire

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