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The same sheep after 12 days of using Camrosa with all lesions gone, leaving healthy normal skin and wool regrowth, showing how effective the ointment is for sores and lesions on sheep.
Severe lesions After 12 days of using Camrosa

Severe sores and lesions in sheep can result in great distress and an inability to feed. This lamb was going to be culled due to the lesions but Camrosa Ointment application resulted in immediate soothing. The ointment promoted the natural healing process of the area; the lamb was able to feed within 24 hours and there was no sign of the problem after two weeks.


"We had a lamb which was due for immediate cull due to its severe condition. We decided to apply Camrosa Ointment as a last attempt to save its life. The effect was immediate and dramatic. Within 24 hours the swelling reduced and the lesions were soothed and softened and the lamb was able to start feeding. Within 48 hours all swelling had reduced and the suppurating lesions had dried up and scabbed over." P. Santer, Kent.   See photos above

"About 50% of my fattening lambs went down with very severe facial lesions. Camrosa Ointment was applied to all the lesions about every 3 - 4 days and allowed the lesions to heal within 8 - 10 days."
R. Pitts, Kent.

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