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Camrosa is a very useful multi-purpose ointment to have in stock for your sheep care, as it promotes the natural healing process.

We provide links on some of the uses listed below so that you can see how effective Camrosa is on other animals for this purpose. We believe that it should prove just as effective on sheep.

Fly bites/strike:

"I am e-mailing to say a massive thank you for developing such an amazing ointment. A year ago I purchased some of your ointment to help my dog's skin and it worked miracles. I had some left over which I have kept incase of emergencies. A couple of weeks ago our pet sheep got fly strike and we were unsure if he was going to survive. The sheep's belly was covered in red sores and wounds and maggots. We managed to remove all the maggots. I pulled out the Camrosa Ointment and within 4 days our sheep is back to his old cheeky self, the affected skin has now started to come away and underneath is beautiful soft fresh skin. It is a miracle product. Thank you."  L. Isaacs, London.

 Barrier to hornfly:

"I have used Camrosa for some years on sheep with ears and eye lids badly affected by mites and on others affected by hornfly. It has been nothing short of miraculous to see how quickly and effectively it worked on the seriously damaged and scabby skin."  S. Paget-Brown, Kent

Sores and superficial wounds resulting from shearing sheep:

The ointment is a barrier against dirt and flies on wounds and sores and promotes the natural healing process.

Some foot problems:

The ointment maintains good hoof condition and healthy horn growth.

Circular skin lesions:

These cause circles of dry skin and fleece loss on sheep. These areas may also become crusty. Camrosa Ointment lifts away the crusty, callused dry skin, promoting the natural healing process, resulting in healthy skin and hair regrowth.

As Camrosa Ointment can be used on a wide range of animals you will  also find it useful if you have pets, such as rabbitsdogs, cats or more exotic animals.

Information by animal