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A sitting ferret. Hair loss, bites and growths are problems on ferrets that Camrosa has been useful for

Ferrets have benefited from Camrosa
hair loss, bites and growths.

Camrosa is a very useful multi-purpose ointment to have in stock for your ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rabbits or rats.

It promotes the natural healing process and softens dry, sore skin, which makes your pet more comfortable. Where there has been hair loss, it encourages healthy skin condition, which is necessary for hair regrowth. It is also a barrier against flies and dirt so your pet can stay outside.

Listed below are some specific cases where the ointment has been used successfully:

  • Ferrets - hair loss, bites and growths.
  • Rabbits - sore hocks, hard, sore pads and paws from digging, fur loss, sores, and spots/pimples on the ears.
  • Guinea pigs - crusty sore lips.

As Camrosa Ointment can be used on a wide range of animals you will find it useful if you have other pets, such as dogs, cats or more exotic animals.

Information by animal