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Small pets


If your small pet constantly scratches and has some or all of the following:

  • Dry, scurfy, scaly skin
  • Hot reddened patches
  • Hair loss
  • Broken skin
  • Weeping sores
  • Crusty and scabby skin
  • Callused skin

They may have mites working on the skin. Mites can cause damage to the skin of most small pets whether it be a rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, ferret, mouse or rat. Care is needed for susceptible pets.

A black and white guinea pig with dry, scurfy itchy skin before Camrosa was used. The same black and white guinea pig after Camrosa with dry, scurfy itchy skin gone and a shiny healthy coat
This guinea pig had dry, scurfy itchy skin. After Camrosa

Camrosa Ointment was massaged into the dry, scurfy, itchy areas on this guinea pig. Dry skin was softened by the ointment, which also cleared the mites, relieved the itching and promoted the natural healing process of the skin. Good skin condition is necessary for healthy hair regrowth.


"What great ointment this is. Thank you."  M. Dornan, Aberdeenshire. See photos above

"Thank you, great product, I've used it on my horses, rats even my cat!" L. Waldock, Hampshire.

Information by animal