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Itchy heels, grease and mites are very common in heavy horses and in other breeds with full feathers. Harvest mite also affects a wide range of breeds, not necessarily with heavy feathering and can lead to your horse itching and to hair loss.

Typical signs to look out for are some or all of the following:

  • Crumbly, scurfy and dry skin on horses' legs and heels
  • Stamping hind legs
  • Biting heels and legs
  • Chewing heels and legs when lying down
  • Rubbing legs up against fencing, posts and trees
  • Thickened ridges in the heels
  • Sores and scabs
  • Hair loss on horses' legs
  • Greasy skin and hair behind the knees and below the point of hock
Typical harvest mite damage- sore skin and scabbing on the muzzle of a pony Severe harvest mite damage on the fore leg of a horse, causing hair loss, dry, sore skin and itching
Typical harvest mite damage on the muzzle Severe harvest mite damage
Sores and scabs in the heel of a heavy horse caused by mites The same heel after Camrosa with the mites cleared and scabs lifted
Sores and scabs due to mites After Camrosa Ointment application

Camrosa Ointment clears mites and relieves the irritation. Massaging the ointment into chronic, thickened, ridged heel areas reduces the hard ridges and maintains a healthy, mite-free skin, which is a relief to your horse. Itching stops and the ointment promotes the natural healing process and good skin condition, which is necessary for hair regrowth.


"Our mare had mites under the skin on her legs. After using Camrosa for 2 weeks there was a vast improvement and now (after about 2 months of use) the sores on her legs have gone and you would not know that there has been anything wrong with her. Camrosa is now an essential ingredient in our medical chest. Thank you so much."  M. Jarvis, County Durham.

"I have a 15hh coloured cob, who since I got him over 3 years ago has ... skin mites, in his heels, but mainly on the back of his knees. I thought I would give Camrosa a try last winter (they are worse in winter). After applying the ointment for the required days the skin was pink and healthy. I was delighted to find something that worked." L. Bradwell, County Durham.

"We are having success - harvest mites on Clydesdales." R. Skinner, Aberdeenshire.

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