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A bay horse with a golf ball sized, bleeding growth on the leg with Camrosa being used as a barrier to flies The same leg after Camrosa had been used for 2½ months. The ointment promoted the natural healing process and the growth has gone altogether and hair regrown
Bleeding growth with Camrosa being used as a barrier to flies After 2½ months of Camrosa application

Camrosa Ointment is an effective barrier to flies on fleshy growths in horses and promotes the natural healing process.

This chronic suppurating growth, with intermittent scabbing and bleeding, had ointment applied twice daily for 2½ months.


"Amazing!!" L. Hann, Somerset.

"I was delighted with the way Camrosa worked. His performance was never affected by the use of the ointment and I had no problems with applying it. The fact that I could keep him turned out was also a huge bonus ... he was much happier out in the field with his friends and I didn't have the worry about flies on the affected area. I have recommended it to many people." D. Webster, Perthshire.

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