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This pony was turned away in the autumn in exceptionally wet conditions, with no waterproof rug and no stable cover. His body was covered with dry, fixed, itchy scabs and open sores. This case was unusually bad but similar effects may be seen more commonly on smaller areas. Rain and pollutants can also cause hair loss in horses.

Camrosa Ointment was massaged into all the affected areas, easing off fixed scabbing, softening dry skin, thus relieving the constant irritation. There was extensive hair loss in all affected areas. The ointment promoted the natural healing of all raw areas and within 2 weeks new hair was growing.

A pony with extensive hair loss, sore skin and scabs on his back from the effects of rain - a horse skin problem often seen during persistent wet weather The same pony after Camrosa, which promoted the natural healing process and acted as a barrier against the rain enabling full hair regrowth
Scabbing and hair loss due to wet conditions Scabs lifted and hair regrown after Camrosa


"I am just emailing to say thank you so much for the difference your product has made to my horse. I bought Flynn a Polish Warmblood 7 weeks ago in very poor condition, under weight with scabs caused by the rain on his quarters and face. He is now in fabulous condition and someone even commented on his 'beautiful coat' when they met him for the first time the other day! (One of the biggest compliments considering what he was like). Thank you again, we will definitely be recommending you to anyone who asks!" J. Leuty, Leicestershire.

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