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The sun can burn non-pigmented horse skin. Problems such as scabbing, cracks and sores can result, as seen above. Camrosa Ointment was massaged into the skin and then laid gently over the sores on this horse. Dry skin and scabs were softened by the ointment, leaving the horse's nose more comfortable and promoting the natural healing process.

As it is water repellent Camrosa Ointment remains on the skin despite changeable weather.


The nose of a horse with sores and scabs from severe sunburn, which is a horse skin problem that can occur on horses with pink skin 2. The same horse’s nose with the sores and scabs totally healed after the use of Camrosa
Severely sunburnt nose After Camrosa

"My gelding had the most appalling scabs and sores on his nose as a result of sunburn. He was obviously in a lot of pain with it and consequently kept rubbing his nose and making it worse. I tried using various products, but he would rub them off and make matters worse still. In desperation I turned to Camrosa. The help I got was fantastic and not just from the ointment, which worked wonders! Thank you for all your help and advice, and for the wonderful Camrosa that really does do what you say it does." L. Camden, Suffolk.         See photos on right

"Camrosa works brilliantly! Amazing product, amazing service. What more can I say. Thank you." S. Carlsson, Essex.

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