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A dark bay horse with lacerations across the chest, here covered with Camrosa Ointment which acted as a barrier against flies and dirt The same horse with wounds healed and hair regrown after using Camrosa, which promoted the natural healing process and acted as a barrier to flies and dirt
Freddie had chest lacerations. Camrosa acted as a barrier against flies on his wounds and promoted the natural healing process No scarring after Camrosa

This horse suffered wounds from a barbed wire fence. Wounds attract flies. Camrosa Ointment acted as a barrier to the flies and promoted the natural healing process resulting in the horse's full recovery with no scarring.

Camrosa Ointment was applied once a day and the horse was allowed full turnout and exercise. This contributed to a healthier and speedier healing without the usual swelling often caused by stabling and a lack of exercise.

The extensive dry scabs were kept soft and supple by the ointment, making the horse more comfortable. The ointment also helps to ease off the scabs once the skin has healed underneath.

Camrosa promotes the natural healing process of the skin, which is necessary for hair regrowth where hair loss in horses has resulted from wounds.

See our /links/ page for links to videos showing how to apply Camrosa Ointment to a wound and the results that were achieved.


"When Freddie had extensive chest lacerations we used Camrosa Ointment to cover well all skin damage. This protected and enabled the natural healing process to take place whilst providing a barrier to flies during the hot weather. Freddie had 24 hour turnout, which helped avoid swelling. The photo on the left shows the damage with ointment applied and no flies! The photo on the right after healing shows full hair regrowth and no white hairs, and only minimal scarring." M. Marien, Kent. See above photos

"A friend recommended Camrosa to me, when my mare came in from the field with a nasty wound, which couldn't be stitched. Camrosa kept it clean and helped to heal the area. Thank you Camrosa from myself and my horses for this valuable addition to my first-aid kit." L. Emberton, Devon.

"My mare sustained a hunting injury in April 2008. I used Camrosa for 2 months as a barrier to allow natural healing. She was left with a small scar and was back to work in September. She did no less than 30 days hunting from the Opening Meet. Last week we attended Royal Cornwall Show and won the Cornish Regularly Hunted, then went on to take the Championship in that section!" M. Stead, Cornwall.

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